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12 Best Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2019

12 Best Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2019

Christmas is coming and preparation for this merry event is inevitable. It’s a special occasion for family gatherings and gift-giving for your loved ones. But during these busy times, don’t let your self caught off guard with the things you need to prepare especially making time for yourself! 

Prepare for your Christmas outfits ahead so you don’t have to worry about the consecutive parties and events.

 Top on our Christmas outfit list is the cozy and trendy Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

But where does the name Ugly Christmas Sweater came from? Glad you asked. It had its long tradition starting from the ’80s. A lot of these are handmade or home-made and were not to be bought from stores. Not everyone is a pretty good artist so most often than not, the art and designs of these sweaters were pretty ugly.

 It has made a huge comeback after it died down in the 1900 and over the last several years it was yet again welcomed to the market and now has different variations and designs to choose from. The ugly skull t-shirts were previously knitted and some do his or her own DIY version using different Christmas decorations. It can be worn simply, as a couple-sweater, or for the entire family. 

 We have listed our own one of kind designs you can’t find anywhere else, to make your Christmas outfit spectacular, outrageous, and special. These designs are well thought of and are perfect for gift-giving to make someone smile. 

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Jesus Birthday

 To start is this Jesus’ Birthday Ugly Christmas Sweater! Amidst the holiday rush this yuletide season, this sweater will remind us who we are celebrating for. Jesus just gave you a flashy thumbs up for being a great person all-year-round.

ugly christmas sweater

 2. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Feel The Joy

 This Ugly Christmas Sweater is so funny with groping hands on the chest and a unique print at the back wishing a Merry Jolly Christmas. Its color theme is derived from a popular cartoon movie. This has been an epic funny gift idea to the ladies!

ugly christmas sweater


3. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Jingle My Bells

 This Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Jingle My Bells is inappropriately appropriate with a touch of ambiguousness which makes this sweater so popular. Its blue, red, and yellow gold theme with a large print makes it our signature design. The snow might be blowing outside, but you'll stay nice and cozy with the falling Snowflakes Feel, the joy pull-over.

ugly christmas sweater


4.-5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Man's Loyalty Camo and simple loyalty Sweaters are two variations of the same text.

 These are special sweatshirts derived from the quote "A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything." Do you agree with this quote and have someone in mind to give this to?


The first design has two front pockets in the chest with a leatherette/silhouette material. It's very uncommon to have a cheesy love quote for Christmas but this might be good to remind the special people in your life about love and loyalty.


ugly christmas sweater 

The second design is a gradient green and rusty red theme which is subtle, manly, and appealing. Add some extra layer of scarf, gloves and other knitwear to complete your Christmas look.

ugly christmas sweater


We also have our Sugar Skull Christmas Sweater Collection


If you still can’t get over of your two favorite holidays – Halloween & Christmas ---these sugar skull designs for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters will be your favorites! There are a lot of movies combining horror and Christmas such as ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and ‘Ghost who stole Christmas’. Some spooky Christmas traditions may have started the idea of giving the feeling of thrill and a little fear.


 6. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Son's of Santa is one of the versions of our Sugar Skull Ugly Christmas Sweater.

 These are cool and quirky, gorgeously gothic for a Christmas outfit. It is made of high-quality fabric. It is fully printed with gradient green black and red black with a sugar skull in the center.

ugly christmas sweater


7. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweater Sugar Skull Santa 

 This Ugly Christmas Sweater Sugar Skull Santa is unusually popular as you can look badass yet funky. Its general color scheme is green, red, and black. It’s quite colorful and fun to wear. 

ugly christmas sweater


8. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Greedy Santa

 It’s a funny-looking Santa Ugly Sweater great for badass people who wants to add an attitude to your outfit. Its abstract design matched with gradient colors of Christmas which made it more appealing. 

ugly christmas sweater

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Santa's Holiday

 If you are looking for a quirky full-print Christmas colored sweater, this is a full-blast for you. It such a novelty piece and an unusual option worth wearing. It’s a great way to get your entire family and friend’s attention. 

ugly christmas sweater


10. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Dabbing Santa

When hip-hop Santa performs dabbing it's kinda cute and funny! This super cool sweater makes you feel dancing in the snow and dabbing as Santa does!


ugly christmas sweater

11. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt Rudolph The Reindeer

Christmas Gift-giving is incomplete without the iconic Rudolph The Reindeer, he is popularly known as Santa’s 9th Reindeer. This cute pullover is over the top with Rudolph in the center and other prints to fill the entire red Ugly Christmas Sweater.

ugly christmas sweater

12. Ugly Christmas Sweater All Over Printed Christmas Sweatshirt You Miss You Drink

Christmas is all about celebration and would be incomplete without having a drink or two. This Ugly Christmas Sweater is inspired by the game “A Shot to the Dart”. It a way to finally make a lame dart game into a darts drinking game event not to be missed. This is simply something you can do on a Christmas eve with friends and family.  

ugly christmas sweater

Those are our list of 12 Best Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2019 Designs. We have several size options to choose from which you can vary your style. If you want your sweaters small, you can pair it with plain white shorts or pants. An oversized Ugly Christmas sweater can also be a semi-dress in which you can add a belt or with leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of high-heel boots. It can be casual wear for men that one can pair up with simple pants.

However you wish to dress up this Christmas, the most important is to make this season extra special. Plan ahead and avoid the Christmas rush shopping and order delays. We cover free shipping for orders $75 and above.

See you around and we wish you the best holiday season ever!!!




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